Crowdfunding, helping small business one donation at a time.

Posted on September 21, 2010


With unemployment rates still soaring more and more of those unemployed are trying to take the leap from unemployed to self-employed. Doing so takes time, committment, and of course money. So what is a person to do when they have a vision and the only thing stopping them from making it a reality is money? Crowdfunding of course!

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sally Outlaw, co-founder of Peerbackers . After just a short conversation with Sally, it was clear that she has dedicated herself completely not only to Peerbackers, but to the crowdfunding concept in general. She is extremely motivated, and above all else passionate about her work.
There have been many stories in the news and on the web about various crowdfunding start-ups who have burst into life, and quickly failed almost before they began. So what makes Peerbackers different?
Peerbackers concentrates its focus solely on entrepreneurs. Rather than allowing just anyone to post for any financial needs, peerbackers limits it to those trying to start something. With lending a rarity in these times, it’s a great alternative to traditional lending options.
So check it out, find your favorite start-up and donate whatever you can afford. (Even just a dollar, because every little bit helps.) Each participant start-up will have a reward scale set up based upon the size of the donation, so anything is up for grabs, the sky is the limit!

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